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Oak Creek Wellness is a virtual place of healing, love, and inspiration.

Melissa Sue Tucker, Oak Creek Wellness
Melissa Sue Tucker

Melissa Sue Tucker

I guess I should start with telling you about me.  My name is Melissa Sue Tucker and I’m so happy you found this site.  The idea is based on Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ.


Oak Creek Wellness, Wedding
Walking over Oak Creek on our Wedding Day

Oak Creek

In 2001, my husband took me on our first date to a resort on Oak Creek.  We went on separate paths and when we came back together. In 2013 we were married at the same resort – creekside.

I love Sedona with all it’s magical spiritual qualities and I especially love Oak Creek.

Why a focus on family and friends of addicts

In 2014 I had already lost one brother due to a meth addiction and another brother had just gone back to jail due to his lifestyle choices around his heroin addiction.  I was really upset and hurting, I’m the type of person who believes that when something is hurting me that intensely – I must do something about it.  At that time, we decided to look into opening a rehab facility in Sedona.  We put together the financials, started talking to investors, interviewed people who wanted to help us run the rehab, and looked at possible locations.  I was clear that we were going to have a rehab that was effective in helping people with their recovery.  Then I took a step back and realized that in order for us to be successful in that mission, our children would not get as much time with their parents that they need or deserve.  So we put that dream on hold.

Fast forward to 2015, my brother had been released from jail and was able to stay clean for a few months (I think) before the cycle started back up…only worse.  In the past he had stolen some stuff from his fiance, my father (who has dementia), my mom, and my brother.  This time he upped the ante by breaking into my mom’s house when she wasn’t there and stealing bigger ticket items.  He even went to his now ex-fiance’s house and attacked her in front of their two children.  He was homeless for a while.  He posted some stuff on Facebook about how he was going to end his life, and then deactivated his account so we could not contact him.  My mom has spent more time praying for him, crying about him, and driving the streets just looking for him…more time than I will ever know.

Oak Creek Wellness, Sedona AZ
Healing Red Rocks of Sedona

Honestly, I’m probably creating this site to help me work through some of my unresolved pain.

That’s when inspiration took over.  Maybe I am not able to help my brother deal with his pain and stop using drugs.  (Although I’m still going to try).  I can create a site and network of people who are going through similar situations with people who they love and we can inspire each other and give a hug to someone who’s heart is breaking.  We can let you know that we’ve been in your shoes.  We can begin to remove the shame and guilt that we feel around our situation.  We can create a change in how we treat addiction.  We can love one another.  We can start with a conversation.

How you can be part of the conversation

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