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Activate #gratitude to attract everything you want. 🙌🏼💗🙏🏻 — Melissa Sue Tucker (@MelissaSTucker) April 5, 2016 Addiction Support Podcast I created Addiction Support Podcast, lovingly referred to as ASP, in the fall of 2015. After losing a brother to his addiction and lifestyle choices in 2012 and having another one flop between jail and being … Read more

1 60 Seconds of Solitude

60 Seconds of Solitude by OCW Productions

60 Seconds of Solitude is a daily, 1-minute mindfulness meditation. Melissa Sue Tucker from Oak Creek Wellness takes you on a short, easy, daily meditation that you can use to calm the mind and allow yourself to be in the moment. Think of her as your Mindfulness Coach. You can choose to meditate on the … Read more

3 Addiction Support Podcast

Addiction Support Podcast by OCW Productions

Melissa Sue Tucker from Oak Creek Wellness interviews inspiring family members and friends of alcoholics, drug addicts, and people who have struggled with other addictions. Discover tips and tricks on how we can keep ourselves healthy when we are in a relationship with an addict. You can also hear from holistic health and wellness professionals … Read more

Addiction Support Podcast: Episode 1

Addiction Support Podcast: Episode 1 A quick intro podcast to get my media link in order to get listed in iTunes and the other podcast directories. I was actually really excited to do this podcast.  There are few things in life that are as exciting as finding out that iTunes approved you. lol There is … Read more

10 Steps to Restoring Trust In Any Relationship

10 Steps to Restoring Trust in Any Relationship

These 10 Steps to Restoring Trust are very powerful.  This technique should only be used when you are committed to creating a better relationship. Do not attempt if you are merely interested because you will only make things worse. For anyone confused by my use of committed vs. interested.  Think about bacon and eggs for breakfast. … Read more

Light & Love

Light and Love This has so many loving and healing meanings for me.  I remember in 2004, I went through a very difficult breakup that left me heartbroken and very angry.  I knew I did not want to feel that way anymore and I was searching for anything to get through the pain.  I wanted … Read more